Change of Use in Wandsworth

Change of Use in Wandsworth

4D Planning have many years of experience obtaining planning permission in Wandsworth for many types of residential and commercial developments.

Many of our clients require extensions to residential properties, conversions of residential properties to multiple units, commercial change of use and architectural drawings.

One of our planning consultants is a former planner at Islington Council.

It is relevant to apply for planning permission when you require a change of usage of a business or premises from one use to another. There are times when a change of use can be done without requiring planning permission. These would fall under the Permitted Development category or there would be permitted changes with specific conditions. The requirements can change depending on location, size and type of usage.

For a free consultation to establish whether you require planning permission for the change of use in Wandsworth or to establish if a change of use is feasible, please contact one of our chartered planning consultants.

We undertake a full property site assessment by looking into the history and context of the site and its surroundings.

Following the initial site appraisal, a site visit/survey is carried out to gather all the dimensions and required information of the existing site. We then produce all the drawings and planning documents for the application.

4D Planning can produce building regulations for Building Control and construction drawings for tender. We can also provide lease plans and other types of drawings.

Building Regulations promote high standards for construction and energy efficiency of buildings.

Our services include: Transport Assessments, Travel Plans / Sustainable Travel Statements, Parking Surveys, Traffic Surveys and Delivery and Servicing Management Plans.

One of our specialities is to provide our clients with 3 dimensional realistic renders (CGI’s) of proposed and existing schemes. These visuals can be used for planning or marketing purposes and add a lot of value to any project.